Jose Canseco may want to think of writing a new book or do something extraordinary in order to get out of the current streak of bad luck that he has hit. When Canseco was in his prime, he would date models and drive some of the world’s most expensive cars. Nowadays, it seems like he can’t even afford a nice home.

The former Major League slugger has reportedly been evicted from his home and is currently living in a friend’s garage. This is all coming from the popular tabloid website, TMZ, that still seems to treat Jose Canseco like a celebrity. The website is stating that the former Yankee missed two months of rent at a rented home. 

On his Twitter page, Jose Canseco confirmed the rumors and admits that ever since his controversial book “Juiced” hit shelves, it has been downhill. He goes as far as to call himself “the modern day Frankenstein.” 

The steroid abuser decided to play the blame game and points to Major League Baseball as the source of all his problems. He believes that they have aimed at destroying his life and, apparently, they succeeded. 

Canseco is not shy to express what is currently going on. He expresses his desire to cry, but at the same time, he believes that living in a garage is not too bad. 

He says that he doesn’t mind being poor again since that is how he was raised. But the may not last long as he is back in baseball.

Do not fear. He is not back in the Major Leagues. Jose Canseco was just recently signed to a contract to become a designated hitter and a bench coach for the Laredo Broncos.

It is a short-term contact that will only last the next two Laredo Broncos’ homestand, according to the Associated Press.

Jose Melendez is currently serving as the Broncos’ general manager and he issued a statement on the team’s website on Jose Canseco’s hiring. Melendez said, “He felt baseball was over with. We’re the ones who encouraged him to come back and return to the game of baseball and back to where his beloved fans can see him again.”

Canseco was the mentor to many on steroid issues during his baseball career in the Majors, but now he will serve as a mentor to younger baseball players hoping to keep their dream alive of making it big. 

The Broncos are really excited about signing Jose Canseco that they even decided to state that his signing is the “biggest” in all of Independent League Baseball History. 

Could this be a publicity stunt by Canseco to be on top of the world again? He was on a VH1 show a few years back and he could be looking for a comeback or a television show to make money again. Any type of spare change will be greatly appreciated by Canseco at this point.

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