The Tampa Bay Rays are looking for more over-the-hill veterans to fill out their roster like they did last season. But as they saw last year, it’s not exactly the best way to go about it.

Now with news that Jorge Posada may be on the team’s radar, I am convinced that the club is satisfied with being as mediocre as you can get.

Posada had his worst statistical season of his career with the Yankees this year and the Rays want him. Why? I understand the veteran presence, but don’t they have enough of that?

NBC Hardball Talk is reporting on Posada’s possible suitors:

Javier Maymi of hears (link in Spanish) that the Rays are interested in the 40-year-old. Maymi confirmed the information with Posada’s father, who said he has also had some discussions with the Orioles and Phillies. However, he hasn’t decided whether he will play in 2012.

This is a terrible move for a team that doesn’t need any more veteran players, at least not Jorge Posada. With a lack of offensive production, Posada adds nothing more than a strong veteran presence and mediocre pinch hitting.

If Tampa Bay signs Posada, that means they will not try to re-sign veteran Johnny Damon. If I was given the choice of one over-the-hill veteran or the other, I would much rather have a more consistent Damon than a clunky Posada.

This is the point of his career when Posada needs to realize that it’s over and he has all the money he needs. Think about the reputation he has and how the end will be further tainted if he signs with a team and becomes and even further shell of the player he once was.


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