ESPN has chosen not to renew the contracts of Sunday Night Baseball broadcasters Jon Miller and Joe Morgan.

ESPN flat out not did not extend Morgan’s contract, while Miller was offered the opportunity to return as a radio-only announcer.

For more than 21 years, the two have bludgeoned calls on air and turned national sports broadcasting into a joke.

Joe Morgan was a great baseball player, playing more than 20 seasons of Hall of Fame baseball. But as we all learned (rather painfully), good athletes don’t always equate to good broadcasters.

Morgan developed a reputation for his clear biases towards certain players and organizations, especially those who were prominent “back in his day.” Even the greatest players of today never seemed adequate in the eyes of Morgan.

His painfully obvious explanations of the game often times bordered on near ludicrousness, and he tended to provide little or no insight. This clip exhibits Morgan’s style just about as accurately as possible.

Jon Miller has a reputation for being equally irksome. He hit on anything and everything under the sun…except on what was actually occurring in the game.

Towards the end, I swear, he was egging Morgan on. The two were like an old married couple, squabbling back and forth in the booth with no coherency to anything they were saying.

ESPN has recognized that it’s time for a change. Names like Dan Shulman, Oral Hershiser, and Bobby Valentine have been tossed around as possible replacements.

But really, it can’t get much worse. Unless, of course, Joe Buck signs with ESPN.

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