John Danks isn’t giving Chicago White Sox fans a good reason to be hopeful for his return to the rotation. Danks told the Chicago Tribune that he’s still feeling soreness. Danks appears that he won’t be ready to start again anytime soon after having his return date pushed back.

Danks had been slated to return to start against the Chicago Cubs on Monday, but Mark Gonzales of the Chicago Tribune tweeted on Friday that Danks’ return would be pushed back.






Danks said on Thursday that he experienced more soreness than he thought would be normal after playing catch that day. He said that he thought it resulted from his minor league rehab start on Tuesday.

The sixth-year starter said:

I obviously didn’t expect to feel quite this sore. I’ve never had this before, so I really didn’t know what to expect. So I knew I’d be sore. I was just hoping I would bounce back better than I have. It’s part of it and it’s kind of like spring training. You go without throwing, it’s going to be sore.

Danks seems like he’s sensing the soreness well as he recovers from his shoulder soreness. He’s feeling his way through the recovery, determining at each step whether the soreness is going down.

Each step might bring a little less discomfort. Currently, Danks appears like that progress is coming slowly. He described the shoulder as feeling “pretty sore” on Thursday.

On Friday, Gonzales tweeted that Danks said he was feeling a normal level soreness.



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