Baseball’s All-Star Game is in Los Angeles/Anaheim… I’m not really sure where the LAAA’s actually play.  Either way, players from all over the league will get to see the Beach Boy’s and Katy Perry’s favorite girls.

One player, however, will not. His name?

Joey Votto.

How is it that baseball can never, ever, get anything right?  Most of us have heard the stats by now, but for those of us that haven’t here’s a quick recap:

Votto’s batting average? .318. That’s tied for third in the NL.

No. 19’s RBI total? 59. That ties him with Ryan Howard for fourth in the NL.

How about his homeruns? After all even California chicks dig the long ball.  Twenty-one four-baggers, which means that Votto has struck the above pose more times than any other NL player.

Not to mention that his OPS is 1.017, which again is best in the league. 

So how does it happen that the fans, the players, and the manager all got it wrong?

Well actually, I don’t know either.  Perhaps it’s time to change the mandatory player from each team rule… That’s an argument for another day.

Votto says all the right things when asked about the snub, how he is only focused on helping his first place team (it’s still fun to say that) win games.  The guy is a class act through and through.

Joey deserves to be there, and somehow it’s up to all of us to save him.  We are on red alert, the wishbone “c” logo is hovering in the city’s skyline and only we the fans can answer the bell.

Let’s all do the right thing, and get Votto out to the “City of Angels” with his teammates, where he deserves to be.  Even though he won’t admit it, I’m sure that Votto is “California Dreamin’.”


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