As I have gotten older, my views of the Reds have become more objective.  I can find fault with the team and logically investigate ways in which they can improve.  

The Reds’ representation on blogs and social networking sites has really exploded over the last year.  Some people are fanatical, which is great.  Others, including myself, love and support the Reds as much as anyone, but also try to mix in an analytical approach to following the team.

The rest of the baseball world is quickly becoming aware of what Reds Country has known for a long time—Joey Votto is good.  A member of the Reds Blogosphere, Diamond Hoggers, recently posted a very strong statement regarding the first baseman.

Today, Joey Votto cemented himself as the best Reds player of my lifetime. The 2010 Joey Votto is the most dominating version of an offensive player that a team that I’ve pulled for has ever had within its members.

My first thought was the post was just an excited reaction to the Reds extra-inning victory against the Giants in which Votto collected four hits, two being home runs.  However, after I thought about it, the exuberant praise for Votto isn’t overstated at all.

Votto is absolutely incredible.

If you want to teach a youngster how to hit a baseball, make sure all eyes are on the television when Votto comes to bat.  He clearly has a plan as he strides to the plate.  He has the unique ability to make adjustments during the at-bat based on the circumstances (count, runners moving, etc.).

I have pointed out to my family on more than one occasion the way Votto approaches an at-bat.  His ability to foul off borderline pitches with two strikes is remarkable.  The only Red I have ever seen do that so well is Barry Larkin.  If you want proof, look no further than the MVP-caliber at-bat against the Dodgers last Sunday.

Votto is putting up some ridiculous statistics this year, sparking legitimate discussion of his chances at the Triple Crown.  He is leading the National League with a .326 batting average, tied for second with 31 home runs, and in second place with 90 runs batted in.

More importantly, the Reds are in first place and hoping to make their first postseason appearance since 1995…and Votto is leading the way.

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