Not to pat myself on the back, but on Saturday I wrote a story asking some questions as to what the Reds might do to aid their efforts to secure a playoff spot or even win the National league Central.

One of those questions was whether or not they would find another talent bat to assist in their offensive onslaught and today Cincinnati traded Outfielder Chris Dickerson for veteran slugger Outfielder Jim Edmonds from Milwaukee. It’s a good move, though I would not call it Earth shattering.;_ylt=AqZ7QlRKhuvXGNFhk9J0v985nYcB?slug=ap-brewers-redstrade

Dickerson has been injured for the vast majority of the year and didn’t have much impact when he was on the field. Edmonds, who is 40 years of age, may not get around as well as he used to but does have a big bat that is alive and kicking.

I like the fact the deal for the former Cardinal is done just in time to play, who else, the Cardinals in a much anticipated match up for the N-L Central lead. For the most part, I call this a move to show the Reds that there is more to this season than just coming back to life after ten years of slumber.

It’s a move to make sure Cincinnati understands the power of their situation and the amount of work they still have to do. I like it.

Edmonds, welcome aboard and make sure you keep that mindset we’ve been all too familiar with in the past. Its all down hill from here folks, grab a beer and enjoy the ride.

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