Finally. It is about time that the Mets’ front office did something right this season.

After inexplicably having Jenrry Mejia start the season on the Mets’ major league roster as a reliever, the situation has finally been fixed. Mejia is a starter, and he will be able to help the Mets in the future in that capacity.

As talented as Mejia is, he never should have been with a major league team if he was going to pitch out of the bullpen. There is no denying that Mejia posted very strong numbers and was an important piece of the bullpen while the Mets were still in contention.

However, this definitely stunted his growth as a starter this year. Mejia was only able to make nine starts this season, and they all came in the minor leagues. He has thrown just 42.3 innings as a starter. This is about a third of what he could have done if he had been starting all season. This is a lot of lost development time.

While he has had only nine starts this year, they have been dominant performances. Across four levels (rookie ball, high-A, AA, and AAA) Mejia has posted a 1.28 ERA with 1.06 WHIP and a 9.6 K/9 rate.

These numbers suggest that Mejia is definitely ready to be in the major leagues.

Hopefully, the Mets will use the starts that Mejia makes in September to continue his development. There is no…(to read the rest click on the link below)

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