A picture may be worth a thousand words, but Jaime Edmondson only really needed a few to convey her tremendous news. She and Tampa Bay Rays star Evan Longoria are getting married. 

Here is the wonderful news via tweet from Edmondson followed by confirmation from The Tampa Bay Times’ Marc Tompkin

If you are wondering, the little girl who steals the show in the photos is the couple’s bundle of joy, Elle. Back in March, Tompkin reported the little girl was born on Feb. 20, six weeks earlier than expected.

Now the couple has a way of getting out ahead of the usual media frenzy that accompanies such a story. Back in Dec. of 2012, Edmondson decided to officially announce that the couple was pregnant with an equally adorable picture of a baby jersey hanging right alongside Longoria‘s. 

Longoria rewarded the Rays for their six-year, $100 million contract extension with a strong season, playing in 160 games, batting .269, hitting 32 home runs and driving in 88 runs. 

Edmondson is Playboy’s Miss January 2010 and, as she references in her Twitter bio, a sports blogger for the magazine. 

Tompkin reports on Tuesday that the couple have explained they are hoping for a January 2016 wedding, which seems like a ways off, but then you consider they have more pressing matters.

The report states the two are actually more concerned with expanding their family first, so we may see another small-jersey picture before wedding images appear. 

Now there isn’t a great deal of information on how Longoria popped the big question, merely that he did so about a week before Thanksgiving, meaning we are all the last to know. 

Good luck trying to find a clue on either’s Twitter feed. Although, Edmondson did tweet this out on Nov. 23.

Whatever it was, I am sure Longoria did it with class and sophistication, staying clear of the trap of asking his future wife at a live sporting event. 

With that, we offer Edmondson and Longoria well on their trip toward matrimony and, as it seems, their ever-growing family. 


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