The Jet stole home! The Jet stole home!

In this case, “The Jet” was not beloved Sandlot character Benny Rodriguez but the New York Yankees‘ own Jacoby Ellsbury.

With two on and his team trailing 3-2 in the bottom of the fifth inning Friday night, the center fielder went for it against Tampa Bay Rays lefty Matt Moore.

Per Bryan Hoch of, Ellsbury said:

You’re trying to score a run, but guys get fired up. It doesn’t happen very often. As a player, you’re like, ‘Hey, did that just happen?’ And then when you’re running down the line, you’re just hoping you’ve got a big enough lead and everything works out. It’s exciting. It’s the ultimate adrenaline rush for a basestealer.

He would know. The 32-year-old speedster stole home against the Yankees in April 2009 as a member of the Boston Red Sox.

The Yankees went on to win the game 6-3.

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