Interleague play is a strange beast.  For every full ballpark for the Mets vs. Yankees, and Cubs vs. White Sox showdowns, you have these strange, arbitrary matchups that don’t draw any additional interest, and only seem to detract from intraleague showdowns.

“Throw all the records out the window when the ORIOLES and PADRES get together!”

This concept, which clearly is one of Bud Selig’s better ideas from a dollars and cents standpoint, needs some revision from a scheduling point of view.  

Why have the Dodgers never played at Yankee Stadium?  As it pertains to us, why have our Reds never played at Camden Yards in Baltimore, and why did we play IN Toronto in consecutive years?

Furthermore, as it relates to the title of the article, why do we have to play the Cleveland Indians twice a year?  Is anyone out there extra fired up for this series?  Will there be a huge spike in ticket sales?  Does winning the “Ohio Cup” mean anything?

Thankfully, the Indians have hit a bit of a lull, but there have been years where we faced some powerhouse Indians squads, while the Cardinals got to feast on the Royals six times a year in their “natural” rivalry.  

How fair is that?  When teams have wildly contrasting schedules, I think that is a bit of a problem.

This gimmick needs to be reduced a bit, although there is great comedic value in watching American League pitchers have to bat. I would be happy with one series a year vs. the Indians, alternating the site. 

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