Major League Baseball isn’t hurting for young stars these days. It has enough. More than enough, even.

But since more are on the way, you might as well get to know them ahead of time.

After 2015 gave MLB one of its best rookie classes ever, notables like Corey Seager, Byron Buxton, Steven Matz and Nomar Mazara are already in position to keep the good times rolling in 2016. And looking ahead, there are at least eight more future superstars who could make the leap from the minors to the majors before the end of the year.

Since they’ve already debuted in the majors, slugging Texas Rangers prospect Joey Gallo and speedy Washington Nationals prospect Trea Turner are not included on this list. As for the players who are included, they stand out because they’re solid bets to become great players, rather than great bets to become solid players. We’re prioritizing high upside as highlighted by scouting reports and minor league production.

Step into the box whenever you’re ready.

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