Mythbusters: Lance Berkman w/ two strikes

FOX broadcaster Tim McCarver took it upon himself to call Lance Berkman a “good two strike hitter” after he walked against Red Sox starting pitcher John Lackey. The stats, however, show that Berkman is not a bad two strike hitter, but certainly not a good two strike hitter.

Berkman with two-strikes (career): .193 BA

Ortiz’s AB

In the top of the third inning, CC Sabathia struck out David Ortiz on a questionable pitch. Home plate umpire Jerry Lane rang up Ortiz, which prompted an argument. As always, the PitchFX tool will settle the argument.

Looks as though Ortiz was correct.

Swisher’s AB

Another questionable call in the bottom of the third on a strikeout to Nick Swisher. He, too, argued, and Joe Girardi came out of the dugout to argue as well.

This is very close. As the rule book says, “if any part of the ball touches any part of the strikezone,” the pitch is a strike. In this case, the ball did touch the strike-zone slightly, making it a strike.


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