With my Philadelphia Phillies leading Major League Baseball in the number of players placed on the disabled list at some point in the year, I could fill some space with how they can ride out injuries and make yet another late-season playoff run. But where’s the fun in that?

Instead of focusing on how to survive injuries, I decided to take a look at how to avoid them altogether during team celebrations.

In sports, we see a number of strange ways to revel in the moment. While in the NFL there used to be some fun and creativity involved, baseball has been historically fairly predictable.

Despite this, we’ve seen a rash of players injured this year during, of all things, celebrations of their individual achievements or those of their teammates.

In a 162-game season, it’s not abnormal to have a player miss extended time and multiple games. It is another thing entirely to have his teammates be the cause.

What follows is a breakdown of celebrations we see on an almost-daily basis in baseball highlights and their inherent danger—and a ton of one-liners mocking them.

Here are 10 ways to make baseball celebrations safer.

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