While certain figures around Major League Baseball carry more name recognition on the national stage than others, every MLB team has its own face of the franchise.

What exactly does it mean to be the face of the franchise?

To put it simply, it’s the first person that jumps to mind when thinking about that respective team, whether it be a player, coach or front office figure.

Often that means the best player on a team, but it does not necessarily have to be.

Many times, the face of a franchise is an aging veteran who has spent most or all of his career playing for one team, and has been a big part of their past success.

On the other hand, sometimes when a franchise goes through some significant chances, it’s a new face that winds up being the face of the franchise and the symbol of what’s to come.

A big commitment by the team both in years and dollars can also earn a player the face of the franchise distinction.

At any rate, what follows is a look at who checks in as the face of the franchise for all 30 MLB teams here in 2015.

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