An autographed scooter donated by San Francisco Giants outfielder Hunter Pence was stolen Saturday night at a San Francisco Make-A-Wish Foundation office.’s Rhea Mahbubani reported the news, indicating two thieves were responsible for stealing Pence’s scooter, along with other items, including laptops. Pence also had a scooter stolen in May 2014.

Based on his history with scooter theft, Pence reacted on Twitter to the unfortunate situation:

Surveillance cameras caught footage of the two thieves, according to Make-A-Wish Foundation executive director Patricia Wilson, per Mahbubani.

The office the thieves raided had items scattered all about after they stole the goods, but the most notable item was the scooter, which Wilson said a donor paid $40,000 to acquire. It’s autographed with a message that reads, “To Michelle, Much Love!”

Crime-scene investigators were at the office looking into the matter Sunday. The thieves broke into the office by wrecking a door handle; they appeared to confer and enter through a stairwell, based on photographs of the surveillance video.

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