Baseball children: still the undefeated featherweight champions of the sports children world.

I’ve covered it before, so I won’t elaborate further on the stranglehold of awesomeness baseball children have on the sector of youth/sports fandom.

What I will do is point your attention toward Cooper Arrieta, son of Chicago Cubs ace Jake Arrieta, who celebrated like a champion after Chicago’s 4-0 win over the Pittsburgh Pirates in the National League Wild Card Game on Wednesday night. 

Having watched his father throw a nine-inning shutout against Pittsburgh, Cooper did the following with a bottle of champagne, because he is a good and thoughtful son:

Strong work, that. Cooper pours champagne with more dexterity than 99 percent of the major leagues.

He’s certainly more deliberate than Dad and his friends:

Good times and great sports babies in Chicago. And don’t worry about the champagne. It’s a good burn!

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