Warning: Video contains NSFW language.

Come Tuesday, fans won’t be gaining entry to Yankee Stadium’s Opening Day with print-at-home tickets. 

Some fans, however, will get to see the New York Yankees face the Houston Astros from behind home plate on the dime of Last Week Tonight‘s John Oliver—under one condition.

The comedian is offering a total of six Legends Suite tickets to the three Yankees home games this week for 25 cents each to people who can conjure up the most creative, original and presumably eye-catching method of dressing as if they “have never sat in a premium location before.” 

Oliver’s incitement for ticket magnanimity stems from a recent statement by Yankees COO Lonn Trost, who by Oliver’s interpretation, essentially said, “Rich people couldn’t bear to sit next to people who aren’t as rich.”

So, in an effort to wear that thin tolerance down even further, the host is helping some “riffraff” get their chance to mingle.

With so many likely vying for the opportunity, it’s doubtful they’ll be tame.

Yankee Stadium camera operators, you know where to look. 

Update: Tuesday, April 5

When the Yankees’ opener was played on Tuesday (after being postponed on Monday), viewers may have noticed a couple of fans sitting behind home plate dressed up in some interesting outfits:

You can thank Oliver for that.

[CBS Sports]

–End of Update–


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