Hanley Ramirez has a new cut, and it’s what’s known in the fashion business as “a whole thing.”

The Los Angeles Dodgers shortstop recently traded in his curls, opting for a straight, James Brown-esque flow he’s taken to flaunting on Instagram.

Ramirez’s new ‘do was spotted by Jonah Birenbaum of TheScore.com. It’s a look that says “It’s my birthday, I can blow dry if I want to.” 

The former NL Rookie of the Year rang in his 30th birthday with family Sunday. They had cake, and it was beautiful. 

What do you think of the flow? 

It’s reminiscent of Saturday Night Fever, which has its allure. I could picture Ramirez doing the “six guns of sexy” in the background of a Chromeo video with this haircut.

On the other hand, the Kat Williams look doesn’t exactly instill fear in the hearts of opponents.

At the end of the day, what matters in this game is production—which Ramirez cranked out in a relatively short span of games last season.

Ramirez gave a strong showing in 2013, producing 5.1 wins above replacement after only 86 appearances, according to Fangraphs. No mean feat. 

The real question is whether the Dodgers will ink a contract extension with the Dominican pro.

Ramirez baited fans with a tease earlier this December, posting an image to Instagram of himself on a plane, claiming he was headed to Los Angeles. 

The image insinuated he was flying in to sign a contract extension, but in truth, Ramirez was on a plane bound for the Dominican Republic. 

Will Hanley receive his extension? Perhaps. Considering the amount of money he’s probably spending on hair products just to keep his flow shimmering, Ramirez could use the money. 


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