We’re officially one month into the 2015 MLB season (happy May, everybody), which means it’s time to draw sweeping conclusions about everything.

Just kidding!

A lot will change between now and October; that goes without saying. Strong starts will melt in the heat of August. Early slumps will be un-slumped.

Still, we’ve seen enough baseball to begin analyzing trends and to assess where things stand at this early juncture.

Such as: How are the offseason’s big free-agent targetsthe guys who grabbed headlines and commanded top dollar this winterfaring with their new teams?

Before we answer that, a few ground-rules. We’re only examining free agents who switched squads. So no Matt Kemp (traded), Victor Martinez (re-signed) or Giancarlo Stanton (extended).

We’re also sticking with the true marquee names. This is obviously subjective; you might want to toss Russell Martin, Melky Cabrera or David Robertson into the mix, for example, but they didn’t quite make the cut. 

Finally, grades are based solely on what players have done so far in 2015 relative to expectations. A good grade doesn’t guarantee future success, just as a lower grade doesn’t portend doom.

Alright, enough preamble. To the grades!

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