To be fair, she did have a better angle on the ball.’s Cut 4 posted a video that proves even the ballgirl feels bad for the San Francisco Giants this season, because she tried to lend a hand with a recent pop foul.

We take you to the ninth inning of Monday night’s game between the Giants and visiting Boston Red Sox at AT&T Park.

Jose Mijares pitches to Stephen Drew, who promptly fouls the ball to the third base side. Now we should note the Giants were down 7-0 at this point, seeing Tim Lincecum get touched up for nine hits and five earned runs over five innings.

Knowing how helpful San Franciscans can be, we will assume this ballgirl was just trying to do a solid for her favorite team.

OK, the more plausible scenario is that she just forgot where she was or what her duties entailed, because she very nearly robs Joaquin Arias of the last out of the top of the inning.

Seeing as Arias came into the game to play third base in the ninth inning, you know he was just itching for some action, and then he very nearly had that opportunity taken from him.

Let’s recap for those ballboys and ballgirls out there. The center fielder has priority in the outfield, but the shortstop can call off all others in the infield. As for the third baseman, he supersedes the pitcher and handles pop-ups in his general area.

As it just so happens, he also trumps the ballgirl, whose job it is to merely sit on the sidelines and never, ever go after a pop fly, no matter how awesome that ball looks.

While it’s hilarious to us, Arias doesn’t look pleased in the slightest.

Now someone keep her away from the bat rack before she tries to take some hacks.


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