It has been announced that Francisco Rodriguez will need to undergo season-ending surgery to repair a torn ligament in his right thumb.

It can be concluded that the injury came from the altercation that Rodriguez had with his father-in-law earlier in the week.

This is just another story in the sad state of affairs of the New York Mets.

Rodriguez had no business being on the Mets roster at any point this year after the altercation anyway. Now, he will most likely be placed on the DL and another reliever will be brought up.

It also could lead to an opportunity for Bobby Parnell to close. Parnell could potentially be the closer of the future for the Mets.

It has been rumored that the Mets might attempt to void K-Rod’s contract. This would be based on the grounds that he injured himself outside of the course of play.

While this is a legitimate claim, the players’ association would certainly fight it.

If the Mets can void K-Rod’s deal, it would be helpfully to them next season. It would free up $11.5 million that can be spent on free agents (possibly Cliff Lee) this offseason.

Also, the Mets would not need to worry about K-Rod’s $17.5 million option for 2012. Regardless, I do not believe that K-Rod will be on the Mets roster next year.

I believe that if the Mets cannot void his deal, they will do all that they can to trade him this offseason.

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