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On the eve of the American League Championship Series between the New York Yankees and the Texas Rangers, Alex Rodriguez was answering questions from the media, which should come as no surprise. That he was answering questions about former Rangers owner Tom Hicks, however, might raise an eyebrow.

Reportedly, Tom Hicks, when asked about Alex Rodriguez’s trade away from Texas, replied with a curt “good riddance.”

#1 – How is Tom Hicks even a story, at this point?
#2 – Why does anybody care what he thinks?
#3 – Does Hicks’ hypocrisy know NO bounds?

Tom Hicks, you may or may not know, is the one who decided to give Rodriguez a $252 million contract to begin with. He did so without a gun to his head and after telling his general manager, Doug Melvin, that he could get the deal done for a around $125 million. Imagine what Melvin could have done with $252 mil had HE been allowed to invest it. Or even the $65 million Hicks wasted on Chan-Ho Park, for that matter.

But screw that. That’s all history, as is Hicks’ ownership of the team… FINALLY. There has never been a bigger curse on the Rangers than the ownership of Hicks, who was an anchor dragging this franchise down for more than a decade. Hicks ruined the best thing the Rangers ever had going—three division winners built before he owned the team—and he handcuffed the entire organization for all the years that followed.

And THIS is the jackass who is out there saying “good riddance” to a guy like Alex Rodriguez, who showed up and played hard and great every single day he put on a Rangers uniform, continuing to do so even after Hicks proved a liar on all the promises he made to Rodriguez before he agreed to sign.

Tom, you were never anything but an albatross around the neck of the Rangers organization. Do us all a favor and chug a great big cup of SHUT THE HELL UP! Thank God you and your idiot sons are FINALLY out of the baseball business. Now do is all one more great big favor and get your sorry ass out of the hockey business, as well!

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