With less than 36 hours until the end of the MLB trade deadline, teams are making huge strides to land some of the best players in baseball. Teams like the Yankees, Rays, White Sox, Angels, Nationals, and Giants are looking to add talent to help them immediately for their playoff races or to help build in the future.

There has been a lot of trade talk going on lately and some big name players have already been traded in the past month like Cliff Lee to the Rangers, Roy Oswalt to the Phillies, and Alex Gonzalez to the Braves.

During this year’s MLB trade deadline I expect to see a lot of well-known players to be traded to help out some of the better teams in the MLB. Looking at the list I have made you can see that playoff teams are the main teams interested and teams not making the playoffs are usually the sellers during this years trade deadline.

Overall, I feel as if this years trade deadline will deal the most star power that we have seen in recent years and many former/current all-stars will be on the block and be likely to be traded. Now, this is the list of the top 5 players that are most likely to be traded by the trade deadline and the teams that are going to land those players.

Ty Wiggington, IF, Baltimore Orioles

Stats: .250 AVG/16 HR/51 RBI/.767 OPS

Current Team: Baltimore Orioles

Projected Team: San Fransisco Giants

A well-known 5-tool player, Ty Wigginton, is one of the most under-the-radar players in this trade deadline. The Orioles really would like to move Wigginton to gain some young prospects in return, but with teams trying to go after power hitters like Adam Dunn, Lance Berkman, and Jose Bautista during this trade deadline, it will be tough for the Orioles to find a team that will fit his needs and make a move for him.

One team I believe will make a move for Wigginton is the San Fransisco Giants. I feel as if the Giants will strike out when it comes to landing the power hitters and will be forced to pick up a balanced hitter and a good fielder in Wigginton. If Wigginton can hit like he was earlier in the season than I think he can help the Giants push the Padres out of first place in the NL West.

Ted Lilly, SP, Chicago Cubs

Stats: 3-8/3.69 ERA/89 K/1.14 WHIP

Current Team: Chicago Cubs

Projected Team: Los Angeles Dodgers

Lilly is one of the best pitchers still left on the market. He will be an valuable asset for teams looking for another solid pitcher in the rotation. Even though his record is not so good, his ERA is pretty good and his WHIP is very good as well. It doesn’t help that he plays on one of the worst scoring teams in baseball.

With the Cubs struggling this year and looking like they will end up in the middle of their division again, I could see them looking to rebuild and get ready to land players that will help next year. One team that will try to make a big push to land Lilly is the Los Angeles Dodgers. The Dodgers are a team looking for another starting pitcher in their rotation and with valuable prospects in the minors I could see a deal in which they trade those prospects to the Cubs.

The Dodgers feel as if they are still in the NL West race and with an improved rotation by the addition of Lilly, I could see them making a run for the Wild Card and the Division lead.

Edwin Jackson, SP, Arizona Diamondbacks

Stats: 6-10/5.16 ERA/104 K/1.50 WHIP

Current Team: Chicago White Sox

Projected Team: Houston Astros

Now I know what you’re thinking. Why would the White Sox keep Edwin Jackson for just one day if they desperately need another pitcher. Well, let’s first explore the pros of Edwin Jackson. Jackson is a pitcher that can get your team the much needed strikeouts and can have good games (like his no-hitter thrown earlier in the year). He would be an improvement for the White Sox instead of Daniel Hudson.

Although Jackson has the right tools to be a great starting pitcher in the AL Central, I feel as if the White Sox won’t want to keep the guy with such a bad ERA. I think what the White Sox will try to do is ship Edwin Jackson to a team looking to replace a good pitcher, the Houston Astros, and try to pick up another good pitcher in Brett Myers from the Astros. I know that if Myers lands in Chicago, he will be a bigger improvement than Jackson and Hudson.

Adam Dunn, 1B, Washington Nationals

Stats: .277 AVG/24 HR/64 RBI/.927 OPS

Current Team: Washington Nationals

Projected Team: Tampa Bay Rays

The biggest name out of free agency will be the most looked at player in the next 20 hours. Adam Dunn, the NL home run leader, has been attracting teams attention since the start of July and has been teams No. 1 priority. Teams like the New York Yankees, Tampa Bay Rays, San Fransisco Giants, and Chicago White Sox have been deep into discussions for Dunn. Dunn, who is well known for the power he possesses has shown to be the best player on a terrible Nationals team.

The Nats will be looking to move Dunn and his contract in order to gain some of the best prospects to their already amazing farm system. One team in particular who is desperate for a bat like Dunn is the Tampa Bay Rays. With the Rays in a big head to head division leading match-up with the Yankees will be looking for power that can help them immediately and in the playoffs. With not too many power hitters on their team, the Rays will look for a big time player to get them closer to pushing the Yankees for first in the AL East.

Lance Berkman, 1B, Houston Astros

Stats: .245 AVG/13 HR/49 RBI/.808 OPS

Current Team: Houston Astros

Projected Team: New York Yankees

Lastly, one of the most experienced players on this list, Lance Berkman will finally have a new home by the end of the trade deadline. Berkman, who has been hitting poorly in the beginning of the season, started picking up and has been one of the hottest hitters in baseball during this past month. He has shown that he has some good power left and that he can hit the ball fairly well if needed.

Although the White Sox were also high on Berkman as well, I feel as if the Yankees will pull out a great deal to pick up Berkman from Houston. The Yankees, who I feel will face pressure from the Rays to pick up somebody, will look to add a bat like Berkman. I know that with Jorge Posada struggling with his health, the Yankees will look to add Berkman to secure the DH spot for them. Overall, I know that if the Yankees land a bat like Berkman, they will be arguably the strongest team in baseball.

This trade deadline will put a lot of familiar faces in some new places and with such close races going down I know that teams will be desperate to add good and solid players as soon as possible. I feel as if this trade deadline will help shape up and in the long run will decide some of the division winners and playoff teams this season.


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