It’s early, so I will update these as needed throughout the week. 

First base is the deepest position in the game and generally ranking the top names is like splitting hair. Let’s take a look at how things shake out for the coming week:

  1. Albert Pujols – St. Louis Cardinals – @ Ari (3), @ LAD (4)
  2. Miguel Cabrera – Detroit Tigers  – vs. Tex (3), @ Oak (4)
  3. Adrian Gonzalez – Boston Red Sox – vs. TB (3), vs. Tor (3)
  4. Joey Votto – Cincinnati Reds – @ SD (3), vs. Pit (3)
  5. Mark Teixeira – New York Yankees – vs. Bal (3), vs. Tex (3)
  6. Prince Fielder – Milwaukee Brewers – @ Pit (3), @ Was (3)
  7. Ryan Howard – Philadelphia Phillies – @ Was (3), vs. Fla (3)
  8. Adam Dunn – Chicago White Sox – vs. Oak (3), vs. LAA (3)
  9. Kevin Youkilis – Boston Red Sox – vs. TB (3), vs. Tor (3)
  10. Paul Konerko – Chicago White Sox – vs. Oak (3), vs. LAA (3)
  11. Justin Morneau – Minnesota Twins – vs. KC (2), @ TB (4)
  12. Billy Butler – Kansas City Royals – @ Min (2), vs. Sea (4)
  13. Ike Davis – New York Mets – vs. Col (4), @ Atl (3)
  14. Adam Lind – Toronto Blue Jays – @ Sea (3), @ Bos (3)
  15. Gaby Sanchez – Florida Marlins – @ Atl (3), @ Phi (3)
  16. Carlos Pena – Chicago Cubs – @ Hou (3), @ Col (3)
  17. Lance Berkman – St. Louis Cardinals – @ Ari (3), @ LAD (4)
  18. Derrek Lee – Baltimore Orioles – @ NYY (3), @ Cle (3)
  19. Aubrey Huff – San Francisco Giants – vs. LAD (3), @ Ari (3)
  20. Kila Ka’aihue – Kansas City Royals -@ Min (2), vs. Sea (4)


Kendrys Morales continues to work his way back from injury. Even when he first comes back, it is hard to imagine exactly how much he’s going to play initially, so just keep him on your bench for now and wait for him to get healthy.

No matter what they’ve done over the first 10 days of the season, Albert Pujols and Miguel Cabrera are just too good to downgrade at this point. They can explode at any moment and should remain atop the rankings indefinitely.

Can Mark Teixeira produce in April? It certainly looks like it so far, doesn’t it? The fact that Joey Votto has three games in San Diego this week makes it a very tough call on who should be ranked above the other for the coming week.

Adam Dunn proved rather quickly what he can do in a White Sox uniform. Now, with six games in a hitter’s park, you have to love him for the upcoming week.

Yes, there are some tough matchups against Jered Weaver and Brett Anderson, but it doesn’t matter. It just takes one swing for Dunn to prove his worth.

Justin Morneau is back in the everyday lineup. That has to make fantasy owners happy, doesn’t it? Still, his slow start has got to be concerning. Over the first three days, he was just 1-for-10 (though he did show signs last night, going 2-for-4 with 1 R) and it has been said that he will get some extra time off now and then. 

It’s tough to put him on your bench, but I honestly would consider starting Ike Davis or Billy Butler over him at this point. I said consider it, because the fact is Morneau has too much upside to be on your bench right now.

If Carlos Pena is healthy, he’s a solid play as a corner infielder this week, playing in two hitter’s parks. Monitor the news as the week progresses.

First base is by far the deepest position for fantasy owners. Brandon Belt could quickly become a fixture on these rankings, currently has a little uncertainty hanging over him (there have been rumblings that a roster crunch could send him down to Triple-A when Cody Ross is healthy). That helped Kila Ka’aihue barely edge him out for this week (and just barely).

I have left off Victor Martinez and Buster Posey, since most owners are going to be using them as catchers, not first baseman.

What are your thoughts of these rankings? Who’s too high?  Who’s too low?


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