In fantasy baseball, there are two ways fantasy owners can improve their team: waiver wire and executing trades.

Both types of transactions compliment each other because a manager could add a player and they can use this player as bait to pull off a fantastic trade.

An intelligent fantasy owner will know when it is the best time to sell high on a particular player who is playing above their capabilities because eventually these players will lose their value once their production begins to dwindle.

To the contrary, a fantasy owner must trade for star players whose stock is extremely low, and they should jump on the chance of buying this player at dirt cheap before they start to play at their consistent level.

Trades are crucial transactions that can make a difference between a championship team and a mediocre team.

Below are the players every fantasy owner should sell high on and buy low on before it is too late.



  • Alfonso Soriano Chicago Cubs OF:  In the past, April has not been a very kind month for Soriano.  However, he is off to a surprisingly hot start with four home runs and ten runs batted in during the early part of a very long season.  It is a positive sign Soriano is hitting the ball great, but keep in mind, it’s a very long season.  Sure Soriano will hit twenty to thirty home runs, but that is all he will do for you. His batting average will hover around .250 all season and he will not drive in over 80 runs for your team.  The last time he did so was back in 2006, when he drove in 96 runs with the Washington Nationals.  I have heard many people exclaiming, “This is the year where Soriano will be healthy.”  Yeah, and pigs can fly, too. 


  • Jeremy Guthrie Baltimore Orioles SP: Who is this guy?  It can’t be the same guy who lost 14 games last season and 17 the year before. Trust me, it’s still the same guy.  Trade him before his minuscule ERA of 0.64 skyrockets and his true identity is finally revealed.


  • Brian Roberts Baltimore Orioles 2B:  Roberts is currently hitting .214, but he still has a respectable line of three home runs while driving in ten runs.  However, everything is not what it seems when it comes to Brian Roberts.  Shouldn’t we have all learned the mistake of trusting Roberts in the past?  He has his health right now, and you should trade him while he does.


  • Lance Berkman St. Louis Cardinals RF: Berkman is on an absolute tear right now with four home runs and eleven runs batted in.  I’m a strong believer in Berkman this season, especially with him playing everyday.  However, his value is too high right now to not try to use him for a trade to see what you can get in return for him. 


  • Howie Kendrick Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim 2B: Would you have believed it if I told you Kendrick has already belted four home runs on the season, when he had only 10 all of last season?  Would you believe it Kendrick has more home runs than Albert Pujols, Carl Crawford, Vernon Wells, Adam Dunn, Vladimir Guerrero, and Carlos Gonzalez combined?  Would you believe it if I told you in his career he has hit just thirty six home runs, but he is on a pace to hit 54 home runs this year?  It’s hard to believe these numbers and I had to check these stats numerous times to make sure I was not dreaming. Kendrick has the potential to breakout every year, but he has the potential to break your heart with his annual injuries.  



  • The Entire Boston Red Sox Team?: To say the Red Sox are under-performing is an understatement. A team that is filled with so much talent should eventually turn it around, but for fantasy baseball owners, some do not have the luxury to wait around until they do. I’m pretty sure there is an impatient owner with either Carl Crawford, Clay Buchholz, Kevin Youkilis, Adrian Gonzalez, or Jacoby Ellsbury on their roster, and they are longing to get rid of their frustration from these players because of their early struggles.


  • Vladimir Guerrero Baltimore Orioles DH: Many felt Guerrero would benefit from playing in Baltimore everyday as the designated hitter because there was a less of a risk of him encountering an injury. This theory has been refuted thus far as Guerrero’s offense has been non-existent in Baltimore.  Do not expect this trend to continue for Guerrero who had put up monster numbers last season for the Texas Rangers.  As soon as he adjusts to his new environment, he will fit in just nicely. Trade for him before he starts to heats up.


  • Hanley Ramirez Florida Marlins SS:  Ramirez has struggled mightily in the early part of the season hitting just .182 with zero home runs and with only two runs batted in.  Things did not get any easier for those who own Ramirez as he missed most of last week because a leg bruise.  Ramirez is too talented to continue to play at this level. Just don’t let the person you are trading with know that, too. 

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