Choosing the right name can make even the worst fantasy baseball season memorable.

Nothing’s worse than seeing an owner choose the same recycled name over and over again, or simply going for the low-hanging fruit and picking something that lost originality years ago. Jeters Never Prosper was clever the first time you heard it. Then you heard it again and again and again, and it lost the originality it once had.

It’s hard to find names that nobody has ever heard before, but it’s worth a try to brainstorm some possibly unheralded fantasy baseball names for the upcoming season.

Here are some worth trying out.


Mark Teixeiring is Caring

While Mark Teixeira’s numbers have fallen off a bit, there’s no reason he couldn’t be the namesake for your fantasy baseball team.

Tex is still coming off of a Gold Glove year, and his bad season at the plate would be a pretty good year for most major leaguers.

Plus, with this name, you’ll be able to lull your competitors into a false sense of security. They’ll fully believe that you’re a nice guy or gal and will be all too happy to share in your spoils. All the while, you’ll use your cunning and ruthlessness to plan each and every one of their demises.


Braun Baby Braun

Many lists of team names have included a play on one of the Jason Bourne films, with Ryan Braun substituted instead. You have the Braun Identity, Braun Supremacy and Braun Ultimatum.

With the offseason he’s having, Braun is ripe for some comedy.

They’re all very funny and clever. With a name like Braun, there are quite a few possibilities. Playing on the move Gone Baby Gone is a bit of a different path for Braun. Not to mention, it was a very good film.

Plus, should the PED speculation regarding Braun grow some legs, he will be gone from the field as he’ll be serving a suspension.


The Dark Wright Rises

David Wright is the hero the New York Mets need right now, but he’s not the one they deserve. Much like Gotham City under the tyranny of Bane in The Dark Knight Rises, the Mets are a shell of their former selves and are in dire need of someone to save the day.

Enter Wright.

He’s pretty much the lone star on the team, as Ike Davis is still ascending to that kind of level. After a bit of a drop-off in 2011, Wright regained his previous form in 2012 and finished sixth in the National League MVP voting.

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