Should Miguel Cabrera Be a Fantasy Baseball First-Round Pick Despite Off-the-field Issues?

The Detroit Tigers had a big issue to deal with in the offseason after Miguel Cabrera’s arrest. Now that seems done, as Cabrera has quietly been productive during this year’s Spring Training. Does this mean that he should be taken in the first round without question?

Unless, you’re drafting first and taking Pujols, absolutely. Yes, Cabrera had his personal demons in the offseason, but at least he manages to keep those issues in the offsesaon. Besides, if you look at his stats then there’s no reason not to pick him up.

Every year, he either gets near .300 or passes it without a problem, he’s never went under 24 HR or 100 RBI in a full season, or 30 doubles for that matter. His plate discipline is getting batter as well, as evident by 86 walks and 95 strikeouts last year, the closest those two numbers have been.

Because of all the issues, there’s a possibility that he could slide down the rankings, possibly even out of the top five or first round if you’re in a small league. Yes, if he is mandated to miss games it could be a problem, but if we’re going by talent then he should be taken second overall.

He’s being touted as a high-risk, high-reward guy, but I still find the first part hard to believe. When the fantasy draft starts, if he’s available, pick him up. It’s no more complicated than that.