Your fantasy baseball draft is quickly approaching its third hour, and while all the preparation you went through has paid off—you’re pretty happy with the core of your team—you’re at a loss as to who to take in the final few rounds.

All you know is that you’re tired, you can no longer stand the sight of your fellow owners and you don’t want to sit there anymore. So you start to panic, and in the process, you forget about the late-round sleepers you had targeted weeks ago.

Don’t be the owner who drafts A.J. Burnett or Mark Buehrle because they’re familiar names, ignoring the fact that one is retired—and the other might as well be.

What follows is a list of 20 players who are all being selected in the 20th round or later, and they are ranked in order of ascending average draft position (ADP) according to Fantasy Pros. None of them are sure things—players taken that late in drafts never are—but each one can be a useful addition to your fantasy squad.

Two things to consider before we get going:

  • Everything is based on 10- or 12-team mixed leagues with standard five-by-five rotisserie scoring (BA, R, HR, RBI, SB for hitters; W, ERA, WHIP, K, SV for pitchers).
  • To be eligible at a particular position, players either must have played at least 20 games there in 2014 or be in line to start there in 2015.

With that out of the way, let’s take a look at 20 players you can target in the late rounds of your draft.

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