Forget your chores and homework or your nine-to-five responsibilities and honey-do list. Your fantasy baseball draft is happening, like, more or less now. (That is, if you haven’t had it already.) So nothing is more important than preparing for your player picking.

(OK, maybe fundamental stuff, like food consumption and basic hygiene, but you get the idea.)

What’s the best way to prep? Well, hopefully, you have printed out or bookmarked the Bleacher Report Draft Cheat Sheet, reviewed the B/R 300 position rankings, checked in on both batches of sleepers and read up on the top rookies.

But perhaps the most enjoyable activity is partaking in a mock draft. You know, just your basic practice of picking players for the fake version of baseball that we all love so much.

The idea is to simulate a real fantasy baseball draft in order to get a better understanding of trends in roster construction and each player’s average draft position (ADP).

Besides, it’s plain fun.

Back in mid-March, I participated in a mock draft and wrote all about it. But player values change all the time—practically daily—due to performances, injuries and transactions. That’s why it’s time to recap another mock.

What follows is a look at how everything went down.

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