Imagine this scenario: You’re in the final few rounds of your fantasy baseball draft trying to target a few end-gamers to fill out your roster and/or bench who just might turn into gems, except your already exhausted noggin just ain’t working like it was through the first portion of your picking.

That’s why you should bookmark this list now and save it for later, when you’ll need it most.

Last time, we ran through the top 25 sleepers to know just as spring training camps were starting up. Over the past month or so, many of those names have become too popular to be considered true sleepers anymore, so in this installment, we bring another batch of players you should be looking at in the late rounds.

The goal? To dig a little deeper as a way to help owners in mixed leagues with at least 12 teams, as well as those who play in American League- or National League-only formats.

In order to be eligible this time around, players must fall outside the top 200—that’s beyond Round 16 in 12-team leagues—based on average draft positions (ADP) from Mock Draft Central. Also, there will be no repeats from the initial list, because that kind of defeats the purpose.

Here, then, are 25 more fantasy sleepers, listed in order of ADP, to consider snapping up late in your drafts. Your brain can thank us later.

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