Some of the more savvy fantasy baseball owners out there know that your fantasy baseball team is not necessarily won in the early goings of your draft.

The real success comes in the later rounds.

It’s in this dark, dank region where most daring owners simply hit the “Autopick” button and go on to some other endeavor.

But for owners who always seem to win their league, or at least consistently place in the top three, they know you have to stick it out until the very last pick, lest wind up with an unbalanced roster that can’t always be repaired by the waiver wire.

One of the rewards for lingering around is the overabundance of players most people either ignore, or have no read on.

But there are some players who combine the aforementioned aspects, while wearing the lustrous tag of “breakout” as a plus.

Well, get your notebooks out and your pens ready, because these fab five fellas are definitely players you want to remember come draft day.

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