The 2011 fantasy baseball season begins in less than 24 hours and now is the last chance to solidify your lineup.

While finding that unheralded utility man who ends up being Jose Bautista is always a thrill—a smart fantasy player is more concerned with avoiding guys that will severely disappoint them.

It’s going to be hard to win your ERA and WHIP battle with a former stud that has been reduced to nothing more than a has-been that gets lit up on a regular basis.

Look at a guy like Jonathan Papelbon, a former All-Star closer that was considered almost unhittable for years. But last year he saw his ERA jump two full points and his increased amount of fly balls is extremely troubling.

I’m here to give you stats, trends and expert analysis as to why you should avoid Player X. 

Don’t blindly pick your team based on recognizable names. Here are the biggest potential busts for the 2011 season.

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