It’s been a while, but with the regular season a distant memory and no more than five games remaining in the 2016 MLB season, the time has come to play some fact or fiction as we prepare for what should be a dizzying, somewhat bizarre hot-stove league during the offseason. 

Cue the Welcome Back, Kotter theme song—or Mase’s last attempt at staying relevant.

While the rumor mill is still warming up, bits and pieces of speculation have been sputtering out of its exhaust pipes like chunks of snow after your neighborhood street plow has kindly encased your car in a cocoon of sludge. 

Can a perennial contender keep its longtime dynamic duo together in the middle of its lineup? Is a veteran-laden club prepared to part with one of its younger assets in an attempt to get even younger? Does “not ruling out a return” actually mean there’s no chance of a player staying with his most recent employer? 

We’ll hit on all that and more in this week’s triumphant return of fact or fiction.

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