Haven’t seen too many of ESPN’s 30 for 30 documentary series, but came upon this one while flipping through the dial.

Jordan Rides the Bus is a nifty piece by Ron (Bull Durham) Shelton that takes a studied look at Michael’s days as member of the Birmingham Barons, a minor team in the Chicago White Sox system.

Throughout the program, thanks to the miracle of editing, Jordan always seems to be pounding the ball, running the bases like a deer, or making a great defensive play, and you hear comments along the lines of “He could have been a good/great/serviceable player if he’d stuck with it.”

One of my old bosses shocked us at a meeting once after a co-worker had made some excuse about being able to do a job better if he had more resources. The boss replied, “and if my mother had wheels, she’d be a bus.” The incongruity of the comment with the situation has never left me, and whenever I hear “if” now, I’m temporarily immobile while I recall that moment.

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