The San Francisco Giants were the underdogs all of 2010, and nobody ever thought that they would be World Series champions.

The Giants not only won and came out on top as World Series champions and the best team in baseball, they dominated throughout the season and postseason as well.

There are many reasons why the Giants won everything this year, but the main reason why they came out as the best was because they had something that they haven’t had in years, dating back to the last time they played in the World Series in 2002 against the Angels.

Brian Sabean has been known to make some really boneheaded and terrible moves, but Sabean finally did an excellent job reeling in some key guys in key moves. Our Opening Day lineup to the World Series lineup had a completely different look, talent and threat.

We went out and got great clubhouse guys and leaders (not Jose Guillen) who helped make the Giants a way better rounded team. Who would’ve thought that Huff Daddy, Pat the Bat, Andres Torres and Brian Wilson would have had the years they had?

The Giants in the offseason signed Aubrey Huff, Santiago Casilla, Bengie Molina, Guillermo Mota, Mark DeRosa, Todd Wellemeyer and Juan Uribe.

The Giants during the season decided to give Torres a chance from within the organization to play over struggling Aaron Rowand, called up Buster Posey and Madison Bumgarner and then acquired Javier Lopez, Ramon Ramirez, Guillen, Pat Burrell, Mike Fontenot, Cody Ross and Chris Ray throughout the season.

They finally had team chemistry. The 2010 Giants were all about having fun but also getting down to business. They never gave up and played till the end every single game. They had teamwork and a lot of mixed players that came together and played great baseball together.

The Barry Bonds era is over, as the Giants have moved on and no longer have the team based all on one player. The Giants have a TEAM, and they all work hard, play hard, work together, have fun and do what is best for the team and not themselves.

The Giants also had some of the best pitching in all of baseball, and that combination along with great team chemistry led the Giants to dominate all season and postseason, bring the first World Series title ever to San Francisco. We all knew that the pitching would do a great job and be dominant, but the offense was always a surprise, as there would always be a different hero every single game.

Every single San Francisco Giant was a contributor to make the Giants World Series champions, from Barry Zito’s nine wins, Guillen’s three-run home run to beat the Phillies and Fontenot’s game-winning hit against the Padres to Uribe’s game-winning sac fly.

Zito was left off the active playoff roster, but even though he had a down year, he still helped us win a championship. When Pablo Sandoval and Edgar Renteria got benched this season, they didn’t keep their heads down; they kept working hard and took advantage of the playing time that they got.

This list of players could go on and on, but the point is that every single player played a role on the team to help the San Francisco Giants win a World Series.

The Giants are loaded with stud pitchers this season: Tim Lincecum, Matt Cain, Wilson, Lopez, Sergio Romo, Jonathan Sanchez, Bumgarner and Casilla. All came through huge during the season, but more importantly, they came up even bigger in the playoffs and World Series and were nothing but dominant and nasty.

The Giants need to keep this team chemistry, teamwork, attitude and hard work along with a wise offseason in order for them to be one of the top teams every year for the next couple of seasons and possibly win a couple more championships.

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