Edwin Rodriguez is the new icon in Puerto Rico.

It does not matter he was re-signed by the Florida Marlins for only one year.

In his native Puerto Rico, all prayers by most baseball followers are already in his favor he could take the Marlins next season for its first playoff appearance since its 2003 World Championship.

Rodriguez became the first Puerto Rican manager in the major leagues when he took the job on an interim basis on June 23, replacing the fired Fredi Gonzalez.

Later on during its hometown San Juan Series against the New York Mets owner Jeffrey Loria gave him the news that he was his man to finish at the helm for the remainder of the season.

Even though he finished with a personal 46-46 record, nowadays his name is in the company of such local heroes as Ivan “Pudge” Rodriguez, Carlos Beltran, Jorge Posada and Yadier Molina.

He is as big as such local greats Roberto Clemente, Orlando Cepeda, Roberto Alomar, Edgar Martinez and Bernie Williams

Last week his Florida Marlins shirt used in his first game as skipper was adhered in the baseball aisle of Puerto Rico’s Sports Hall of Fame Museum.

In the ceremony he mentioned he is looking to push his team to win at least 95 games next season.

Rodriguez believes if all pitching and batting goes right, the Marlins truly could be a contender in its East Division and its National League overall.

Rodriguez will really know how good will be his Marlins next April. In the mean time his enjoying his celebrity status specially in his home country.

For those history buffs these are the best of the best of Puerto Rico in history in Major League Baseball.

  • Batting Average
    Roberto Clemente              .317
    Edgar Martinez                   .312
    Roberto Alomar                  .300
    Jose Vidro                          .298
    Ivan Rodriguez                   .298
  • Hits
    Roberto Clemente              3,000
    Ivan Rodriguez                   2,817
    Roberto Alomar                  2,724
    Orlando Cepeda                 2,351
    Bernie Williams                  2,336
  • Doubles
    Ivan Rodriguez                   565
    Edgar Martinez                   514
    Roberto Alomar                  504
    Carlos Delgado                   483
    Bernie Williams                   449
  • Triples
    Roberto Clemente              166
    Jose Cruz                           94
    Roberto Alomar                   80
    Dave Martinez                     72
    Carlos Beltran                     67
  • Home Runs
    Carlos Delgado                   473
    Juan Gonzalez                    434
    Orlando Cepeda                  379
    Edgar Martinez                    309
    Ruben Sierra                       306
  • Runs Batted In
    Carlos Delgado                   1,512
    Juan Gonzalez                    1,404
    Orlando Cepeda                  1,365
    Ruben Sierra                      1,322
    Ivan Rodriguez                   1,313
  • Runs Scored
    Roberto Alomar                  1,508
    Roberto Clemente               1,416
    Bernie Williams                   1,366
    Ivan Rodriguez                    1,340
    Carlos Delgado                    1,241
  • Total Bases
    Roberto Clemente                 4,492
    Ivan Rodriguez                     4,411
    Roberto Alomar                    4,018
    Carlos Delgado                     3,976
    Orlando Cepeda                    3,959
  • Slugging Percentage
    Juan Gonzalez                      .561
    Carlos Delgado                     .546
    Edgar Martinez                     .516
    Orlando Cepeda                    .499
    Danny Tartabull                     .496
  • On-Base Percentage
    Edgar Martinez                     .418
    Carlos Delgado                     .383
    Bernie Williams                    .381
    Jorge Posada                       .377
    Roberto Alomar                    .371
  • Stolen Bases
    Roberto Alomar                    474
    Julio Cruz                            343
    Jose Cruz                            317
    Carlos Beltran                      289
    Santos Alomar                     227
  • Games Played
    Ivan Rodriguez                     2,499
    Roberto Clemente                 2,433
    Roberto Alomar                    2,379
    Jose Cruz, padre                   2,353
    Ruben Sierra                        2,186
  • Wins
    John Candelaria                  177
    Javier Vazquez                    152
    Juan Pizarro                        131
    Jaime Navarro                     116
    Joel Piñeiro                          97
  • ERA
    John Candelaria                  3.33
    Guillermo Hernandez           3.38
    Juan Pizarro                        3.43
    Roberto Hernandez              3.45
    Eduardo Figueroa                3.51
  • Saves
    Roberto Hernandez              326
    Guillermo Hernandez           147
    Edwin Nuñez                        54
    Ramon Hernandez                46
    Luis Arroyo                          44
  • Games Pitched
    Roberto Hernandez             1,010
    Guillermo Hernandez             744
    J. C. Romero                        628
    John Candelaria                    600
    Juan Agosto                         543


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