The Cincinnati Reds announced today that Edinson Volquez would be returning to the team after more than a year’s absence.

This is great news for the Reds who could use a pitching boost in the middle of the season.

Volquez hasn’t pitched for the Reds since last June.

In August of last year, he had surgery on his right elbow, and had to go through  recovery before he could even think about playing again.

On top of a major surgery, Volquez was found in violation of the MLB performance-enhancing drug policy last year.

Between having to serve his 50 game suspension concurrently with his rehabilitation and coming back to the game in the minor leagues, it has taken Volquez quite some time to make his way back to the Reds.

During his rehabilitation, Volquez played for two minor league teams. During his time in the minors, Volquez was able to work on his pitching abilities since his surgery, and did remarkably well.

Now it seems after all of his preparation, Volquez is ready to bring his talents back to his major league team, which could provide a needed boost to the Reds in the middle of their season.

In addition to already great pitchers such as Bronson Arroyo and Johnny Cueto, Volquez will help the Reds expand their base of excellent available pitchers.

With the addition of another excellent pitcher, the Reds will be able to sub their pitchers if one isn’t performing.

In the last series against the Phillies, the Reds weren’t able to pull off a win, and Volquez coming back to the team could help turn this losing streak around.

His return could help bring in a fresh perspective to the way the Reds are playing, and mix it up enough in the pitching rotation to bring more wins this season.

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