Congratulations, it’s officially close enough to MLB‘s Opening Day to start studying for fantasy baseball drafts without feeling like a weirdo.

Well, probably. This is coming from someone sifting through numbers since October. Either way, everyone is collectively opening the doors to their fantasy baseball preparation. Slowly but surely, rankings and mock drafts will emerge, and your time will be consumed.

With any preseason prep comes sleepers. Not everyone can agree on what defines one, but who doesn’t love identifying unheralded gems? 

To get back into the swing of things, none of these 10 players is super-deep lottery tickets. Chances are serious researchers will get sick of seeing some of these guys routinely touted before draft day rolls around.

These picks are tailored for standard mixed-league gamers who are careening back into baseball mode after closing shop on their fantasy football squads. Not everyone can dive into the cold water after a long winter of inactivity.

Just in case these guys are not on your radar yet, remember their names when assembling preliminary cheat sheets for 2015 drafts.

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