The Dodgers need pitching, hitting, a great closer, a first baseman who can hit for power and the same at third, and probably a new center fielder and what do they end up with? 

A new manager who has never managed before.

I love Don Mattingly as a player. With that steady career batting average of .307, nine gold gloves, an MVP Award and some batting titles – but can he transpose his personal winning attitude and baseball acumen to his team?

It is kind of scary if you are a Dodger fan.  Just this week he said he had no idea why the Dodgers were hitting so poorly. This from the Dodgers hitting coach.

In his one stint as manager a month or so ago when Torre was tossed from the game, he made a really stupid mistake when he went to the mound twice in the same trip.  Donnie Baseball either forgot or didn’t know the rule.  Either way, I am glad he’s gotten that one out of the way.

Listen, Mattingly may have learned a lot while working at the feet of one of the great managers of our time but it appears like a shot in the dark.  I know Joe Torre and you are no Joe Torre.

The Dodgers are a mess as everyone knows what with the owners’ divorce proceedings which led to a slashed budget which led to no buying power in the off-season which led to a weakened squad that included a 5th starter with zero big league experience which led to no true back-ups for the weary and the wounded which led to an almost last place finish. 

They need a miracle worker not a newbie manager who will be learning on the job.

I wish him well and hope he can pull this one out as easily as he could snare an errant throw in the dirt.

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