First of all—to those of you who, like me, spell his name Dominic, we are wrong!  I stand corrected and wish his parents took spelling lessons, seriously!

Now to the new Phillies superstar, hopefully!  A shot in the arm was needed and Victorino provided us one by getting injured. 

Enter Domonic Brown! 

The anticipation this season has been unreal.  We were clinging to hope that this kid was the answer to losing Cliff Lee, Drabek and assorted other problems.

Well, he sure Razzle Dazzled me last night.  What a first inning!  Willie Mays took about 22 innings to get his mojo going.  This kid was rough and ready.  He caught a fly ball, hit in a run with a double, and then scored.  Not exactly shabby.   He earned the standing O he got when he came on the field.

The other star (no razzle dazzle here, just great pitching) is the consistently fantastic Roy Halladay, who had the bats to back him up last night.  He broke Tommy Greene’s record for most consecutive innings without a run at home and almost kept it going til a score in the ninth by the Rockies.  He managed to hit a nice single, but was left stranded. 

Ryan Howard cold again—nothing, zip, zilch.  Here I am staring at an autographed Jersey, ball, bat, and two framed photos waiting for the long hot street to make him marketable.  Come on, do something!

Talk shows are all about the trade with the Astros.  Having been attending their games in Houston regularly, it will feel like old home week.  We seem to trade players back and forth. 

Oswalt will involve a three-way or four way deal—almost sounds like a bad Saturday night at the bar.  He certainly deserves a shot in a major market and Phillies need pitching (Cliff Lee, hello?).  Besides, they have Brett Myers who is doing well, so payback time!

I have to say the I felt like last night’s game was the beginning of something magical.  The spark was back, ignited by Domonic (spelling people, please) Brown.  I was immersed in the game for the first time in quite a while.  I decided that listening was enough and America’s Got Talent was far more interesting.

Last night the show was Philadelphia’s Got Talent.  We had the wow factor, the IT factor, the razzle dazzle, and the entire team (with the exception of Howard) found their mojo.  A star was born last night and the Phillies officially can begin a quest for the NL league title again.  No turning back now!

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