I started thinking about the Padres, which is a rarity for many people.

They give me an impression of this west coast, easy-go-lucky squad, that Tony Gwynn used to play for.

I would be willing to bet that most people couldn’t name another Padre player other than Adrian Gonzalez.

Normally, that’s about as far as it goes.

I can’t remember the last time they struck me as a team that I was worried about when they show up on the Mets’ schedule.

This morning, another thought crossed my mind.

It seems like the Mets always have trouble with this team.

Nah.  No way.  Maybe I am just having flashbacks of the 18-6 pounding they gave the Amazin’s last week.

I decided to take a look at their head-to-head record.

Dating back to 2007, the Mets have a 7-16 record versus the Padres.

2007:  2-4
2008:  2-5
2009:  2-5
2010:  1-2

I have been reading a lot about the Mets’ upcoming “easy” road schedule as they face the Orioles and the Indians.

Let’s not forget about these pesky Padres.

Not only have they given the Mets fits in recent history, but they happen to have the best record in the National League.

Shockin, isn’t it?

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