Sure, it’s Lee’s right to decline any trade, something the man has earned through his  “10 & 5” rights, not to mention his no-trade clause.

However, if Lee was thinking about anyone other than himself, he would acquiesce and go to the Dodgers for another chance at the playoffs, while giving the Cubs an opportunity to land a prospect and secure some salary relief.

But no, it seems that D-Lee either doesn’t want the pressure of being in a pennant race as the new face on a winning team, or he just wants to stick it to the Cubs.

Either way, it’s a selfish move that greatly diminishes his credibility.

Now, if you think this is a sign of loyalty, think again. Being loyal would mean trying to help the team. Plus, just how loyal do you think he will be as a free agent?

Look, Lee is lucky anybody wants him with the kind of season he is having. Meanwhile, this is the second year out of the past three that Lee has stunk up the joint.

I tell you, if I was Jim Hendry, I’d sit him down and tell him to his face that if he wants to stay, fine, but he’ll be sitting on the bench while Tyler Colvin learns the position.

I wonder if that would make Lee change his mind?

Either way, it’s not just petty resentment that I am proposing; rather, it is a move that makes sense since Lee is not likely to return and the Cubs do need to find out what their options are.

Colvin should be someone they look at to replace Lee as the next Cubs first baseman, barring a trade. They have no one at the minor league level ready to take over, and Colvin has the kind of power you want at that position.

But we don’t know if he can play first base, which is why he should get the opportunity now, while the Cubs continue to sink anyway, giving Hendry a more informed opinion as he builds next year’s team.

But Hendry doens’t have the backbone to stand up to Lee this way, so he’ll probably continue to play every day and bat third in the lineup while walking away at the end of the season.

Again, it’s his right. But the Cubs should exercise their rights as well.




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