Dear Mr. Ricketts,

With yet another baseball season having gone by, and again nothing to show for it, this is my final plea.

We as Cubs fans need a change.  For years, we were stuck with the Tribune Company, which looked at the organization as a business. Yes, I agree it is, but it appeared their sole interest in this company was purely monetary. 

Once you and your family came along in 2009, the stories of your love of the team and desire to push them towards a World Series seemed like a dream come true for Cubs fans.  We understood that you needed to sit back and watch the operations of the organization to see what your large moves would be.

Finally, in the middle of this season you let go of General Manager Jim Hendry, and you have set out on the path to finding his replacement.

It has been no secret that you want to build this organization from the ground up.  Build a strong farm system, make smart investments on players worth the large contracts, and use sabermetrics and statistics as a basis for evaluating talent. 

When thinking of potential candidates that completely embody those beliefs, one person stands above the rest: Theo Epstein.  Epstein has already had to deal with many of the same things in his time in Boston that the Cubs are dealing with.  Boston at the time was a team that had not won a World Series in over 80 years, and with his player personnel decisions, Epstein was able to bring a World Series to Boston.

Listen, we all know Theo is not just going to come here for nothing.  Still being under contract with the Red Sox, it’s going to take some investing to bring him in.  Now the Cubs system is not the best, but you do have a player, in the beginning of his prime, that would make the Red Sox forget all about Theo: Starlin Castro.

Sure, Castro batted .307 and had over 200 hits this season, but is one player worth more than a guy who can completely change your organization?  Theo has the ability, as we have seen with Boston, to build a farm system, sign free agents, and put a competitive team on the field, year in and year out.

Now I am not asking you to give up all you’ve got, but we Cubs fans are tired of waiting for next year, and no longer want to be the lovable losers, so do us a favor, and bring in Theo.


Cubs Nation

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