Ryan Theriot has compiled 54 hits ranking him second among National League hitters and representing a great start to the season at the plate. This has led to a decent .307 batting average.

What is somewhat concerning is his lack of extra base hits. Of his 54 hits, only five are of the extra base variety. His Isolated Power Index (ISO) has him sitting at .034, worst in the N.L., and second worst in the majors behind (cough) Juan Pierre.

Expecting Theriot to match his career high 7 homers from last season is a bit too much to ask, as that’s just not his game.

Arguably, Theriot’s best season came in 2008 when he hit only one home run, but also managed a .307 batting average. That season he was far more patient than he currently is, walking at an 11 percent rate and seeing 3.7 pitches per at bat. This year, he is walking 3.7 percent of the time and seeing 3.4 pitches per at bat.

Even though Theriot is hitting for average, his performance is simply not acceptable for a major league second baseman. His wOBA sits at a career low .309, which is reflected in his 0.2 WAR.

Theriot may be hitting for a medium-high average, but don’t be fooled. He’s not hitting for power, not walking and not well (-2.3 UZR). Theriot was thought to be an upgrade over the second base platoon of Mike Fontenot and Jeff Baker, but according to numbers that may not be the case.

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