Having gone all Dr. Frankenstein to put together the perfect hitter and perfect pitcher by taking certain attributes of various sluggers and hurlers across Major League Baseball to form such a specimen, we’ve decided it’s now time to do the same for an entire team.

That’s right: The goal here is to concoct the perfect 25-man roster.

This isn’t about cherry-picking the 25 best players in the sport at their respective positions, lumping them together in the same dugout and calling it a day. This ain’t the All-Star Game, folks.

No, this is about finesse, nuance and strategy to come up with a full—and at least somewhat realistic—roster based on certain players and their specific traits, skills and tools.

Taking that into account, how does one assemble the ideal MLB roster from all active players?

There’s obviously more than one approach, but that’s why this is such a fun exercise.

That said, what follows is pretty darn near perfect.

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