Power rankings (6/7 update)

1. Tampa Bay Rays – The Rays have been scuffling lately, but the Rays still have the best squad thus far in the majors. The offense is due for an offensive explosion, and while the pitching hasn’t been as good as it was in the beginning of the season, it has still been more consistant than a lot of people expected. One thing to watch for is if Wade Davis can turn it around. Lately he has been ice cold, and if he doesn’t turn it around, he could find himself in Durham. The Rays have Jeremy Hellickson waiting in the wings.

2. New York Yankees – The Yankees continue to be another bright spot in the league this year. They finally got a great outing from Javier Vazquez, when he took a no-hitter late into the game. It’s going to be a very long and grueling season in the AL East this year, and the Yanks are a big part of that.

3. Minnesota Twins – Continuing the trend of AL teams, here are the Minnesota Twins. The Twins have an admirable 3.5 game lead on the Tigers in a less-than-stellar division, but those two teams are the exception. The Twins should continue to lead that division for the rest of the season, and be a force in the postseason.

4. San Diego Padres – The Padres are the only NL team in my top 6, and for good reason. There are other NL teams with better records than some of the AL teams to follow, but the Padres are the only ones who I see as a legitimate threat in the postseason at this point, except for maybe the Phillies, who are struggling. It might not always be pretty, but the Pads usually find a way to get it done.

5. Toronto Blue Jays – The Blue Jays are undoubtedly the surprise team in the AL this year. They hit home runs like nobody else in the league, and their pitching staff has been miles better than anyone could have imagined going into the season. Unfortunately for the Jays, they play in the AL East, so let’s see how much longer they sustain.

6. Boston Red Sox

7. Cincinnati Reds

8. St. Louis Cardinals

9. Atlanta Braves

10. Los Angeles Dodgers

11. Texas Rangers

12. Philadelphia Phillies

13. Detroit Tigers

14. Oakland A’s

15. Los Angeles Angels

16. San Francisco Giants

17. New York Mets

18. Colorado Rockies

19. Florida Marlins

20. Chicago Cubs

21. Washington Nationals

22. Chicago White Sox

23. Pittsburgh Pirates

24. Kansas City Royals

25. Milwaukee Brewers

26. Arizona Diamondbacks

27. Cleveland Indians

28. Houston Astros

29. Seattle Mariners

30. Baltimore Orioles


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