People are still into the Rockies. They shouldn’t be.

Unlike years past, the talk around the water cooler is not all about the Broncos in August. People are still talking about the Rockies. Do they have a chance? Can they make a run? If they can just figure out a way to win on the road…etc, etc, etc.

While many Rockies fans are not so quick to give up on this team, the fact is, they have given up on themselves. There was no more evidence of that than the Rockies pitiful 6-0 loss to open an all-important six game road trip in Los Angeles.

The Rockies have given up. They will never say it, but their actions carry more weight than their words do at this point.

This team has all the talent in the world. The reality is, they should be perched atop the National League West, aligning themselves for a postseason run.

Instead, they are seven games out of a wild card race. They may as well be 23 games out. This team will not be in the playoffs, and from the looks of it, the only ones who care are the fans.

Against a legitimate ace in Clayton Kershaw, not the pitchers that the Rockies have made look like aces since the All-Star break, the club failed to score when they had chances. Eric Young Jr. and Dexter Fowler, who apparently didn’t get the memo that giving 100 percent was not on the agenda for the game, were on second and third base respectively in two separate situations with one out and Carlos Gonzalez at the plate.

Instead of trying to hit a ball into the outfield and score a run, Gonzalez, in both situations, tried to hit the ball all the way back to Coors Field. Troy Tulowitzki came up behind him and failed as well.

Baseball is a game of failure. This club cannot expect Gonzalez and Tulowitzki to pick up the slack every single day. However, the problem tonight resonates far deeper than Gonzalez and Tulowitzki failing. It shows how poorly coached this team is.

The cameras caught Jason Giambi having a conversation with Gonzalez after his failure. In the forefront of the picture was Don Baylor. The hitting coach looked either bored to death, or half-asleep. He could care less about the conversation that Giambi and Gonzalez were having.

The fact is, for Rockies fans it is time to pack it in. This club has packed it in. They are busy making their October vacation plans. They know that they will not be in the postseason. It is time that Rockies fans realized that as well.

The only hope is that 2011 brings a new focus and a new hitting coach who actually has a different approach than simply swinging for the fences and hoping for the best. That philosophy might work at Coors Field, but it doesn’t translate on the road, especially in the pitching-rich National League West.

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