The Rockies have been disappointing this season. There. I said it.

Colorado has been average, mediocre, maybe even boring.

Some guys have been on fire from the start while others can’t seem to figure it out, ruining the party for everybody.

Read on to find out who’s been carrying his weight and who’s looked awful so far in 2010.


30. Jason Hammel (SP) – That 7.52 ERA isn’t going to cut it. Even for a fifth starter, Hammel has been nothing short of abysmal this season.

29. Clint Barmes (2B) – When your manager has to defend you in the media to justify keeping you in the every-day lineup, things aren’t going well. Barmes has been a black hole at the plate this season.

28. Esmil Rogers (SP)

27. Rafael Betancourt (RP) – After pitching lights-out at the end of last season, Betancourt has looked terrible in 2010. Add his signing to the long list of reasons why putting money into relief pitching is a bad idea.

26. Greg Smith (SP)

25. Dexter Fowler (CF) – Honestly, Fowler hasn’t done anything well this season. Do I need to be the first one to suggest that some time in Colorado Springs might do him some good?

24. Chris Iannetta (C) – I’m with everyone else on Iannetta. He looked bad in limited time this season, but he really didn’t get a long enough look to justify sending him to Triple-A. Either bring him back up or send him elsewhere for a couple of prospects. He’s too good a player to be sitting in Colorado Springs.

23. Melvin Mora (U)

22. Franklin Morales (CP) – I still have high hopes for Morales, but every time he seems to take a step forward, he ends up back where he was. Maybe this is as good as it gets for him. Maybe he’s going to be a mediocre middle reliever forever. Bummer.

21. Paul Phillips (C)

20. Eric Young Jr. (U) – Always an adventure in the outfield, EY Jr. looks like he needs some seasoning in the minors before he can become a productive major leaguer. Knowing where he’s come from, there’s no doubt he’ll keep fighting.

19. Ryan Spilborghs (OF)

18. Aaron Cook (SP)

17. Jason Giambi (1B) – Giambi has walked in a fourth of his plate appearances this year. It’s not the production fans expected, but it’s something.

16. Randy Flores (RP)

15. Matt Daley (RP)

14. Seth Smith (OF)

13. Jeff Francis (SP) – Two strong starts coming back from injury and fans are already talking about the good old days. I want so badly to believe he’ll be back to his old ways, I’m just not sure it’s going to happen.

12. Jorge De La Rosa (SP) – They hype for De La Rosa was as big as it was for anyone coming into the season, but the injury has derailed his hopes of padding the resume before hitting the open market in the offseason.

11. Matt Belisle

10. Todd Helton (1B) – At times this season, Helton has been hard to watch. At some point, we’re all going to have to admit that he’s nearing the end of the line. At least his on base percentage remains stellar.

9. Jhoulys Chacin (SP) – It’s been a really nice start for Chacin in the majors, probably better than expected. He has the talent to be a No. 2 starter in the majors and this may be the year he starts to show it.

8. Carlos Gonzalez (OF) – CarGo has been a productive middle of the order bat, but his .317 OBP ranks ahead of only Clint Barmes among regular starters. To become a real offensive force, he has to get on base more often.

7. Manuel Corpas (CP) – Corpas has filled in nicely as the team’s closer filling in for Franklin Morales, but fans should remember his struggles in 2008 and 2009. When Huston Street returns, this team will be much better.

6. Ian Stewart (3B) – Stewart is quietly having a very solid season for the Rockies. The strikeouts are a concern, but he seems to be filling out as a player. It’s nice to see.

5. Joe Beimel (RP) – Signed at the tail end of spring training, Beimel has been unbelievable this season. You can’t ask much more from a guy who holds a WHIP and an ERA under 1.00.

4. Brad Hawpe (OF) – Having Hawpe in the lineup changes the entire dynamic of the team. Coming into the season, I saw him as potential trade bait, but at this point I think he may be the key to making the playoffs for a second straight year.

3. Miguel Olivo (C) – As impressive as Olivo has been filling in for Iannetta, there is little evidence that he can keep it up for the entire year. Don’t be surprised if Olivo takes another face plant before the season is out. I don’t trust him yet.

2. Troy Tulowitzki (SS) – I hesitate putting Tulo this high because he really needs to hit for more power and his usually stellar defense has been sloppy at times this season. As usual, the team performs as Tulo does, and the team has been wallowing in mediocrity this year. He needs to produce more runs if the Rockies are headed for the playoffs.

1. Ubaldo Jimenez (SP) – Surprised to see him at the top of the list? Probably not… There’s really nothing you can say except Jimenez has done nothing but exceed fans’ lofty expectations coming into the season. He is one of the single most valuable commodities in baseball, and he looks to become Colorado’s most dominant starting pitcher ever.

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