While I knew that Cliff Lee belonged high on this list, choosing the top 10 players from both rounds of the AL playoffs was a somewhat difficult task.  What follows is one man’s opinion that you may or may not agree with.

If you were sleeping last night, you may not have heard that the upstart Texas Rangers defeated the venerated New York Yankees, 6-1 to advance to their first-ever World Series since joining the league as the Washington Senators in 1961.

So, who were the top 10 players, including pitchers, in the AL playoffs? 

Do we include anybody from the Tampa Bay Rays, who lost in five games to the Rangers in ALDS? Will anyone from the Minnesota Twins—a team with high hopes, but one that played poorly in losing three straight to the Yankees—make the grade?

How does one compare pitchers and position players?

Read on, my friends!

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